Pull my finger

Daddy, pull my finger!

Pulling the finger would not result in a toot on this particular occasion though I suspect a toot would have been more enjoyable for all involved.

Robin was stuck. In the red coin-operated car in front of the Dollar Tree store.

Robin in front of dollar store

Photo re-enactment

red coin-operated car

Finger-trapping car

What began with a Memorial Day morning donut fetch and trip to Ace Hardware for dad and tot became…

Robin in a coin-operated car

Photo re-enactment

*Violins screeching* …an entrapment!

Robin hopped in the car and checked to see if there were any buttons he could press on the dash or center column. He loves buttons. And he stuck his right finger in one of these holes:

finger-trapping holes in the coin-operated car

Who drilled those holes there? Clearly they’re an after-market enhancement, but what are they for? To let rain drain out maybe?

Daddy, I’m stuck.

Ivan lightly wiggled Robin’s finger from the top of the hole for a few minutes, then knelt down to where he could manipulate it from the underside of the hole.

From that vantage point he was horrified to see the OTHER finger poke through.

Daddy, my other finger’s stuck!


While Robin cranked up the cry machine, Ivan dashed into the Dollar Store. Do you have any baby oil, mineral oil, liquid soap…cooking oil, perhaps? My son is outside with his fingers stuck in a drain.

receipt for soybean oil

The price of freedom

With a gentle twisting motion and a little oil both fingers were freed. Whew!

Those donuts tasted all the sweeter for knowing what my boys had been through.

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