Hey, there’s nothing wrong with visiting the Largest Ball of String on your honeymoon

Today’s Doonesbury comic strip chronicles Toggle and Alex’s honeymoon through the eyes of two friends as they view the honeymoon photos online:

“Check it, man! Alex’s husband takes her to see a ball of string!”

“Totally lame…”

“That’s not right, man.”

I’m all about the Largest Ball of String and other road trip curiosities.

Magnetic Hill, New Brunswick? Bagged it: Family vacation, 1989.

Even without delving into my pre-June 2003 print photo archive (where I KNOW I’ve got proof that we saw the Largest Pecan–that would be in Seguin, Texas), I found some good examples of this type of thing. They were in the April-May 2010 album of our trip from Sacramento to Colorado Springs via US-50, the Loneliest Highway in America.

To wit, the Shoe Tree of Middlegate, NV and Mike the Headless Chicken of Fruita, CO.

These are the things you pull off the highway to see when 1) you’re strung out on diaper fumes and need a half-hour detox, or 2) you need to let down easy from something awesome like, say, Arches National Park or Bryce Canyon.

Have YOU gone to see the Largest Ball of String or something like it? What did you see? How did it free your mind from what a honeymoon or vacation “should” be?

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6 thoughts on “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with visiting the Largest Ball of String on your honeymoon

  1. Oh my goodness- this brought back so many memories. We did a Tour d’ California for our Honeymoon including a stay over in San Jose so we could go to the Winchester gun museum and Mystery House. We had the best tour guide.

    I have the opposite view of most vacationers- I try to find the most touristy thing to do, like our last trip to Tennessee. After circling the same block trying to find the Grand Ol’ Opry we made stops at the Dukes of Hazard Museum and a moonshine museum.

    Great post & fun pics!

  2. Found this post through a Google alert I have for “largest ball of twine,” because I like reading other bloggers who appreciate quirky roadside attractions like I do! I drag my family to any with a “world’s largest” title, like the world’s largest bowling pin (NJ), light bulb (NJ), apple (VA), and kaleidoscope (NY). Haven’t been to the ball of twine yet, but it’s on my bucket list!

    • Thanks for reading, Traci! What a great collection you have, too. We did a near-miss of the World’s Largest Frying Pan in Rose Hill, NC earlier this summer. Waylaid by the scuppernong at Duplin Winery, I’m afraid.

      • Scuppernong is a type of muscadine grape & makes a very sweet wine. I usually prefer dry styles but NC specializes in the sweets made from native grapes. And it’s a darn fun wine. So yes, it beat out the Largest Frying Pan.

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