I’m Susan Herman. All the good pictures of me are in front of National Park signs.

Rocky Mountain National Park sign

This is because the only time I get my picture taken is when I’m on a road trip with my family. We do at least one long trip per year (multi-state) and as many day trips as we can stand. Among the many benefits of this lifestyle, I place Not Having to Clean My House When I’m Away near the top of the list.

Currently we live in Sacramento, CA. Of a weekend you might find us at Indian Grinding Rock State Park, Folsom Lake, the delta, gold country, or Napa. We’ve also lived in–and beaten many paths around–San Antonio TX, Washington DC, and Memphis TN.

Another benefit of traveling is getting to know my family better. We’re separated by distance but memories and stories keep us close. When we do get together face-to-face, we like to make an evening’s entertainment of a slide show or video. A polite way to set up one of these get-togethers is to ask, “Can I bring refreshment ICE CREAM, or anything?”

My aim with this blog is to share stories that will add to the lives and artistry within my own family. I also hope to connect with geneaologists and other story tellers to share ideas about curating lives and moments in time.

old family photos on the wall

oil painting New Mexico scene

Oil painting depicting a Santa Fe scene. Painted by my grandfather, John Alan Hord

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